Category: Shepherds Hut

  • Happy Glampers

    Happy glampers at Mulsford review ~ “Here’s some photo’s we took at your lovely Shepherds Hut. Thank you so much it was really beautiful and peaceful place 🥰” Helena

  • Painted calico curtains

    Very pale pink stripes painted with an acryic wash and hung out to bleach in the sun.

  • First guests in the Shepherd’s hut

    A big day! Today we’re hosting our first guests in the new shepherd’s hut. The homemade calico curtains are up, the underfloor heating is on, and the firepit* is ready to go. * If you think this looks a lot like the inside of an old washing machine, well, you’re right!

  • The Shepherd’s Hut Arrives

    After a year of frustrations and delays (not to mention eye watering increases in cost) our lovely new Shepherd’s hut is finally installed. The original car transporter left it in the drive as the driver was worried he’d sink in the field, the next guy couldn’t move it because the wheels were 4 inches wider…

4 star country B&B & Glamping dog-friendly Shepherd's Hut
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